Schools (Baltic)

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[ Indonesian Cotton Batik ]

This bold batik is the last addition to our SCHOOLS series as an homage to the Baltic Sea. Our travels around the nordic countries in the summer of 2019 spoiled us with gorgeous sunsets at sea, lighting up the sky and water with shades of pink and purple.

The name of this bandana comes from fish - schools made up of as much as a million fish, and together, they have a better chance of survival, as well as breeding and foraging for food. While not all of us - dog or human - prefer crowds, our lives are made fuller by those who we choose to surround ourselves with. 

Check out the deeper Atlantic Ocean version here, the frigid Arctic Ocean version here, and the alluring Pacific Ocean version here!

XS | Up to 11” (28cm)
S | 11-14” (28-35,5cm)
M | 14-18” (35,5-46cm)
L | 18-24” (46-61cm)

ADD SNAPS for additional security and an extra 2-3 inches to tie!

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Customer Reviews

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