About Us

Mutt Cloth was born from the concept that the bandana can be the difference between animals being mere tools of survival and beloved members of our family. Tying the knot, so to speak, is a physical yet symbolic commitment to the love we have for our pets.

With this great inspiration, we’ve set out to fuse dedicated purpose, elevated aesthetics, fine materials, and superior craft not quite seen before in an otherwise saturated market. Led by a profound appreciation for humanity and our planet, we also strive to achieve cultural competence, fair trade, and minimal waste in all aspects of the business.

While the main mission as a brand is to support new chapters being written, each and every carefully curated fabric has a backstory of its own -  picked up along our travels, woven or dyed by artisans with millennia of tradition, or upcycled from vintage estate sales. It is their rich history, as well as their many colors and patterns, that inspire the intimate production process and creative choices, such as selecting trims and names.

Whether our bandanas are put on to spark joy, attract attention, or express love, the next part in their magical journey is the one our customers ultimately decide. As they collect fur, scents, and stains, inevitably our bandanas fulfill their purpose as they become an ever-evolving home for memories.


  • Founded in August 2017
  • Employees: 1 Full-time Curator/Maker, 2 Contract Seamstresses
  • Minority (Woman, BIPOC, Immigrant, Disability, Queer) Owned and Operated
  • Handmade in the NYC Area (and sometimes on the road)
  • Current Shop Dog (the 3rd): JJ, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
  • ~33k Instagram Followers (@muttcloth)
  • Seen in: Vogue (UK), Vanity Fair (UK), The Dogist, Dogumentary TV, Dogster Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Hund & Fritid Magazine (Norway)