In order to ensure the best fit, we highly recommend measuring your pet's neck directly where the collar is worn (or measuring the collar itself).

All Mutt Cloth bandanas are square and flexible in wear style. For a classic look, our bandana is made to be folded in half into a triangle, and then rolled a few times before tying. Vertical length is adjustable by rolling the bandana a few more (or less) times before tying.

Our bandana sizes allow ample room to tie, and snaps add an extra 2-3" (5-7,5cm) perfect for those in between sizes, with extra floof, are still growing, or need a little extra security. Feel free to snap directly, or tie and then snap!

  Neck size (no snaps) (with snaps)
XXS Up to 8" (20,5cm) Up to 10" (25,5cm)
XS 8-11” (20,5-28cm) Up to 13" (33cm)
S 11-14” (28-35,5cm) Up to 16" (40,5cm)
M 14-18” (35,5-46cm) Up to 21" (53cm)
L 18-24” (46-61cm) Up to 27" (68,5cm)
XL 24"-30" (61-76cm) Up to 33" (84cm)


Typical Breeds*
 XXS/XS Most Cats + Chihuahua, Iggy, Mini Doxie, Min Pin, Papillon, Yorkie
S Most Terriers + Beagle, Boston, Frenchie, Sheltie, Shiba, Whippet
M APBT, Aussie, Boxer, Corgi, Eskie, GSP, Heeler, Staffie, Vizsla
L Akita, Bulldog, Dobie, Golden, Greyhound, GSD, Husky, Lab
XL Bernie, Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfie, Rottie, St. Bernard


*For general reference only! Neck sizes can still vary among purebreds, so please be sure to confirm your size by measuring.