Work with Us!

Behind Mutt Cloth is an amazing group of our biggest fans and supporters! There are currently 2 different ways to get involved with our brand - as "Behind-the-Scenes" Members or Collaborators.

We are currently re-vamping both, but once applications are live, they are open worldwide and all year round for both (and you may apply to both!). Links and more details are below.

Decisions for all opportunities are made throughout each quarter. Those who fit our team and current needs best will receive further details and terms via email within a month or two of their application. If you do not hear from us, we encourage you to apply at a later time (at least 3 months please) - our needs are constantly changing and openings may come up!


A. BEHIND-THE-SCENES MEMBERSHIP - applications coming soon!

"Members" of the behind-the-scenes team drive and influence the brand in a collaborative group chat that includes polls and discussions and an open community to share our pets and photography!

Previously invite-only, we are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people who are familiar with our brand and products* and want to contribute to the growth of our community and business.

In exchange for weekly participation, members are given a personal discount, access to unreleased samples, previews and pre-orders of official releases, as well as other team activities, such as contests or meetups.

Promoting, continuously buying, or photographing Mutt Cloth are not required (although encouraged) to join or stay in the group - just active contributions to our group chat and community. A handbook will be provided and a signed agreement is required. This is a non-public position with no definite length of term. *We prefer applicants to have our products (through purchase, a collaboration, or a giveaway/promotion) before applying so they can readily join discussions.

B. COLLABORATIONS + SPONSORSHIPS applications coming soon!

If you are an individual, photographer, content creator, and/or influencer - we are constantly looking for relationships to build! We value creative and dynamic story-telling abilities and photography that captures the essence of your pet(s) and their fit in your life/style! High follower count and professional quality photography are not necessary, but our bandanas should fit seamlessly into what you create and attract engagement.

If you are a business or organization - we are seeking professional partners who are interested in unique ways to support responsible pet ownership, environmental stewardship, and creative education. We are open to product collaborations, giveaways, fundraisers, and any other ideas you may have in mind!

If we think we're a fit for your personal or business story, we'll send bandanas to enjoy, photograph, share, and/or contribute. This is a non-official position with terms set on a case-by-case basis (typically short - 1 to 2 months), and a signed agreement is required. Applicants are not required to have any previous relationship or experience with Mutt Cloth.