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[ Pendleton Wool ]

Sometimes when the sun sets, the show is far from over. DUSK is our answer to this magical time of the day, aka blue hour, when the last bits of light grasps for color on the horizon before night officially falls.

Trimmed with a deep red, this bandana is made from high quality wool straight from Pendleton Mill in Oregon and is suitable for keeping your pup not only a little warmer, but fashionable through Fall and Winter!

The price includes snaps, but please indicate in your notes if you would like them! 

Please note: the bands of colors vary on each cut and may appear higher or lower than the example shown. See model photos for another variation.

>> Feat. Ponyo in M (@ponyo.canaandog)

XS | not recommended w/o snaps | 10-13" (25,5-33cm) w/ snaps
S | 11-12” (28-30,5cm) w/o snaps | 13-16" (33-40,5cm) w/ snaps
M | 12-16” (30,5-40,5cm) w/o snaps | 16-20" (40,5-51cm) w/ snaps
L | 16-21” (40,5-53,5cm) w/o snaps | 20-26" (51-66cm) w/ snaps

Due to the fabric thickness, the above sizing is different than normal and a big knot may result from tying. Please contact us with any further questions.

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