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*PLEASE NOTE: As it is typical of many of our handmade/dyed fabric, this release may have minor inconsistencies, such as discoloring or other defects. These are simply part of the charm of owning a piece that is made by hand, and not mass manufactured!While fabrics have been washed multiple times and treated to prevent colors from bleeding, this may still happen with lighter-colored dogs in moist/wet conditions. If this occurs, don't fret - the dye is vegetable-based and will fade out on its own!


[ Indian Handwoven Cotton Ikat ]

Ever since the success of our jewel trio (AMETHYSTGARNET, + PERIDOT), we have been on the hunt for another perfect set of ikat for the season of harvest....until we found this amazing pepper trio!

Although the sweet and fruity (and almost tropical) HABANERO pepper is originally from the Amazon, this hand-dyed and handwoven cotton actually hails from Gwalior - a city in India known for its rich cultural history and intricately decorated palaces and temples. This bandana features organic geometric motifs by no coincidence!

The gorgeous layered tones of yellow-orange and brown are held together with a Pickled (just like how we like our Habaneros) Brown trim, and because this fabric is lightweight, double-sided, and semi-sheer...the entire trio is wearable year-round!

To complete your set, don't forget to check out the other two peppers - CAYENNE (red) and SHISHITO (green)!


XXS | up to 8" (20cm)
XS | 8-11” (20-28cm)
S | 11-14” (28-35,5cm)
M | 14-18” (35,5-46cm)
L | 18-24” (46-61cm)
XL | 24-30" (61-76cm)

ADD SNAPS for additional security and an extra 2-3 inches to tie!

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