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[ US Cotton Polyester Blend ]

Just like our debut chambray, POP, this gorgeous cotton polyester blend is sourced from deadstock, a sustainable way to "upcycle" fabrics from shutdown factories/textile mills instead of ending up in a landfill!

Chambray is a four-season fabric often found in human fashion and is especially popular in summer due to its fine weave, gentle drape, breathability, and lightweightness.

However, what makes CABANA especially unique is a ladder lace stripe alternating a classic double stripe! The lace also adds a little bit of texture against the surprisingly soft and cozy coral/salmon-inspired ground.

Double-sided and finished with a matching Pearl White trim, this classic material will surely make for a perfect summer outfit for our furry friends!

Looking for a similar color to match? Be sure to check out SALT (RED-ORANGE)!

XXS | up to 8" (20cm)
XS | 8-11” (20-28cm)
S | 11-14” (28-35,5cm)
M | 14-18” (35,5-46cm)
L | 18-24” (46-61cm)
XL | 24-30" (61-76cm)

ADD SNAPS for additional security and an extra 2-3 inches to tie!

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