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[ American Cotton Polyester Flannel ] 

HEARTH is ultimately inspired by the toasty fireplaces that warm up our souls and defrost our toes and paws after a chilly outing. And according to the dictionary, the word "hearth" is synonymous to "home" - for good reason, too!

It's really no surprise that wherever the fire is ends up being the center of family life where stories are told and cuddles are had, including your beloved dog/cat, too.

Various shades of grey represent the typical masonry found surrounding a fireplace, whereas the tones of yellow and red represent a roaring fire, but we also see a beautiful transition between fall and winter where the last remaining colors contrast against a fading landscape.

This uber soft cotton polyester blend of a plaid has a lovely drape and without the weight or thickness of bulkier flannels, you’ll wish you had a matching scarf or flannel pajama set for yourself!

Available now in a matching dark Stone Grey trim.

Looking for fabrics with a similar grey meets warm color palette? Be sure to check out SPICE and look out for our upcoming HICKORY (previewed in our stock photos!).

XXS | Up to 8" (20,5cm)
XS | 8-11” (20,5-28cm)
S | 11-14” (28-35,5cm)
M | 14-18” (35,5-46cm)
L | 18-24” (46-61cm)
XL | 24-29" (73,5cm)

ADD SNAPS for additional security and an extra 2-3 inches to tie!

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