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[ Bulgarian Vintage Cotton ]

Reclaimed from a shutdown Bulgarian textile factory, this 90's cotton speaks of the past and the future. During the unpredictable fall of the USSR, whoever designed this fabric was already looking to move on.

Although you can tell this soft cotton plaid is vintage by looking at it, the teals and pinks seem to foretell a brighter future. We prefer to honor the cultural and historical contexts of the materials we find and we named this bandana REVIVAL to celebrate Bulgaria's rich, but relatively unknown history.

*PLEASE NOTE: Several sizes/variations are currently made to order. Estimated wait time is 1-2 weeks.

>> Feat. Shula in L (@twinpaws_shula) + Bayda in M (@twinpaws_bayda) + Ponyo in M (@ponyo.canaandog) + Phineas in M ( by (@adeerandherfox)

XS | Up to 11” (28cm)
S | 11-14” (28-35,5cm)
M | 14-18” (35,5-46cm)
L | 18-24” (46-61cm)
XL | 24-30" (61-76cm)

ADD SNAPS for additional security and an extra 2-3 inches to tie!

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